Should geography disappear from study programs?

The Externado Social and Human Sciences Faculty together with the Geographical Union of Latin America and the Geographical Society of Colombia invited Mexican scholar Bonifacio Pérez to discuss the importance of Geography in primary and higher education.

Our guest has a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from the Architecture and Art Faculty of the University Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM); a PhD in Education Sciences from the School for Postgraduate Studies in Mexico City, and a Postdoctoral in Educational Evaluation and Planning.

During his conference, Dr. Pérez stated: “Historically, in Mexico and Latin America, Geography has not been given much importance,” and indicated this discipline “tends to disappear in schools.” He described this situation as worrisome, as it is a science that should be part of everyone’s basic education.

Bonifacio reviewed the History of Geography in Mexico and highlighted the existing strategies for opening this discipline: the National Congress of Geography and the Teaching Geography Symposium. These academic meetings allow dissemination of research in this area.

The Externado de Colombia University, within its undergraduate programs, promotes the training of geographers capable of contributing their knowledge to the service of the country.