The XI National Neuroscience Congress held at the Externado was a big success

The event brought together experts, professors, and researchers of different areas of the discipline.

During the three-day academic meeting, several national research groups socialized the results of their investigations and compared their research with the ones performed by the international groups.

For Jorge Martínez, Professor and director of the Externado Social and Human Sciences Faculty Science and Human Processes Interdisciplinary Laboratory – LINCIPH -, the Congress demonstrates the country is making progress in basic and applied neuroscience.

Martinez added that for the Externado, it is very important to be a part of these scientific events; specifically, those pertaining to the developments addressed at the Congress.

Since 2012, the Social and Human Sciences Faculty, at the head of their research groups on Health, Medical Knowledge, and Society, and the LINCIPH, have been participating in this event together with the Colombian College of Neurosciences.  This association has allowed our groups to see significant growth in the study of the subject.

The two Externado groups (Health, Medical Knowledge, and Society, and the LINCIPH) are recognized nationally as the pioneers in the field of Social Neuroscience.

One of the international guests at the Congress was Dr. Agustín Ibáñez, recognized internationally as one of the pioneers in the development of this new field of knowledge in Latin America. Ibáñez is one of the advisers to the Externado working groups.

Jorge Martínez concluded the event demonstrates that Colombia has been acquiring a high scientific level and that these meetings ensure socialization among researchers.