Call for undergraduate thesis work with critical perspectives on criminal policy, legal pluralism, and Human Rights

The Criminal Policy Research Center - CIPC - invites fourth and fifth-year Law students, as well as graduates, to participate.

This time, the topics to be addressed are: criminal policy, penitentiary system, legal pluralism, indigenous jurisdiction, and abolitionism, among others.

The research developed by the CIPC has a qualitative approach and uses different strategies and research methods.

Participation requirements:

– Be a third or fourth-year Law student or an Externado Law graduate

– Develop a pre-project on the above topics

– Attach a résumé

– Complete the interview

The purpose of the call is for students to develop, submit results, and support their final research report. Also, for them to develop a scientific essay for the CIPC Revista Investigare du CIPC.

The CIPC offers training in:

– Socio-legal research: CIPC

– APA standards and reference managers: Library UEC

– Support in writing and spelling updates: Law Faculty Center for Writing and Reading Comprehension

Duration: One academic year