Call for research proposals: “Retributive justice – towards a culture of coexistence”

One of the principal aims of the Centre for Research into Criminal Policiy - CIPC - at the Externado University is to stimulate critical thinking and reflection about topics concerning criminal policies and human rights.

In developing this idea, the Research Center is opening an invitation to participate in the call for research proposals  “Retributive justice – towards a culture of coexistence”. The objective is to publish and socialize the results of research within different issues mentioned, with the aim of looking for solutions relating to the distinct problems of criminal policy (selectivity in the the penal system, indignity in prisons, lack of knowledge of community justice, exclusion, etc.) 

We would like to reiterate that the selected proposals should be the result of research, and priority will be given to concrete experiences in the area of research in socio-judicial topics.

Check here for the rquirements for the call for papers and the submission dates.