Visit the Digital Educational Resources and Media Lab

To support the Externado teaching Faculty, the Virtual Education Center (VEC) presents this new platform. In it, one can find suggestions, tools, and complementary spaces for creating multiple digital educational contents.

One of the teachers’ capabilities the University seeks to strengthen is the production of digital educational resources. In this virtual space, they will receive all the necessary support to create videos, infographics, presentations, podcasts, learning activities, and much more.

It is a place to experiment! Professors will be able to test images, sound effects, recordings, and graphics to enrich the illustration and dissemination of knowledge in the most effective manner.

Externado teachers will find recommendations to translate their expertise into digital languages and formats, meeting students’ current needs in their learning processes. The glossary of terms feature will help professors familiarize themselves with some resource production concepts.

You can also access the licenses loan to create, from your computer, content in Genially (multimedia), Educaplay (gamification), Kahoot (gamification), and Mindmeister (mind and conceptual maps). For more information, we invite you to click on the Laboratory help button or contact us at email:

In addition to the above, Externado teachers will have the full support of the VEC team through its service lines:

Schedule: Monday through Friday – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Toll-free: 018000 952 025

Direct line: (57 1) 342 4948 – 282 60 66, ext. 3004 and 3013 Emails: /

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