Teaching Challenge: Test your digital educational resource design skills

Through this challenge, we invite the Externado teaching faculty to complete the process started in the Emaze, Animoto, Canva, or Genially micro-workshops.

To participate, please note:

1. Choose a concept you wish to convey to your students.

2. Organize the contents taking into account its originality and contribution to students’ learning process.

3. Use quality images, respecting copyright policies.

5. Create a digital educational resource using any of the following tools: Emaze (presentations), Animoto (animated videos), Canva (different graphic pieces), or Genially (multimedia resources). * You may participate with two or more resources.

6. Share the resource link at email comunidad.virtual@uexternado.edu.co, before October 21, 2019.

If needing help, view these video tutorials:

Animoto  Video tutorial

Emaze Video tutorial

Canva Video tutorial

Genially Video tutorial

You can also request individual assistance by clicking here.

Registrations October 1 through October 21, 2019.

The two best resources will receive an Externado Bookstore gift certificate.