Registration opens for the Public Policies Design MOOC

The Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty presents the second edition of its Massive Open Online Course “Public Policies Design.” You can register and take the course free of charge.

In 2018, in its first edition, 1,675 persons in different countries registered for the course. For Gonzalo Ordóñez, one of the course professors, this determined that, for the Faculty, this type of training offer is “a window to the world in one of its emblematic areas: public policies. It allows us to make ourselves widely known and demonstrate our ability to impart high relevance and quality knowledge.”

According to Professor Ordóñez, “every public problem involves both technical and political knowledge.” Thus, those completing the five modules that make up this course will obtain the tools to understand the processes public policies follow, and how decisions to solve public problems are made, a topic of global concern.

Additionally, due to the nature of this course and according to the Faculty’s intent to explain the subject, no “bombastic or empty terms, intimidating or ‘filler’ technicalities are used, but rather a simple, friendly pedagogy. Deep enough for those already initiated in the subject wishing to know the different tools discussed, and simple enough for those who are just starting,” says Professor Ordóñez. The methodology followed is of case studies to address, from the understanding and structuring of public problems to the implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and persuasive communication schemes of public policies.

This MOOC is part of the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty’s institutional strategy to offer high-quality and impact training. It is also a way the University “makes an important contribution towards a better society, capable of solving its most pressing problems,” states the Professor.

Register here