Data analytics in Virtual Classrooms with the Intelliboard tool

For teachers, it is essential to know the status, progress, the way students interact with the contents and activities published in the Virtual Classroom. Also, identify if they meet the expected objective, anticipate loss situations, or rethink actions or contents that are not suitable for the virtual environment.

Therefore, DirInnova has made available the Intelliboard tool, which allows the teacher to monitor and accompany students, obtain reports on each activity, and download them in different formats. Thus, a real-time dashboard is available from the beginning of the semester, allowing evaluating students’ progress in their learning process. Also, if a teacher is in charge of several classrooms, it is possible to view the general summary of the classrooms without having to enter each of them.

Intelliboard is a platform for learning analytics, student monitoring, activity results, and report generation, which are integrated into the Virtual Classrooms, whose objective is to analyze online training, student progress and success, and teacher commitment. It supports decision-making regarding the training process according to the data provided based on the LMS Moodle.

Professors can access the tool from virtual classrooms. For users of the faculties that monitor the classroom, or special projects, the user can be requested at email

For the result displayed on the platform to be complete and allow the teacher to measure students’ progress, it is essential to take into account:

· In the course settings: configure the starting and ending date and activate activity completion tracking.

· Configure the starting and ending date of each activity published in the virtual classroom, as well as the completion conditions.

· Configure the conditions to conclude the course.

The following video shows the process in detail.