Data analytics in Virtual Classrooms with the Intelliboard tool

For teachers, it is essential to know the status, progress, the way students interact with the contents and activities published in the Virtual Classroom. Also, identify if they meet the expected objective, anticipate loss situations, or rethink actions or contents that are not suitable for the virtual environment.

Education innovation and technology in 2020

In 2020, the Digital Educational Innovation Office directed all its efforts and human talent towards supporting professors and students of the different faculties to guarantee the continuation, within the best conditions, of their teaching and learning activities. These were some of the initiatives and results achieved this year.

New updates and tools in Virtual Classrooms

Moodle, the University’s Virtual Classrooms platform, offers Externadista professors and students a better user experience through new applications, added to those already available.

Sign up for Externado e-Learning videoconferences

Since June 8, 2020, we have been carrying out Externado -eLearning, an educational event in which the Externado community has reflected and trained in the implementation of technology in teaching-learning processes.