Call for researchers, papers, and participation in the Jean Monnet Chair International Seminar

The writings selected by the peer evaluation will be published in the prestigious collection "Ius Cogens: International Law and Integration" and will participate in the International Seminar to be held in Culiacán (Mexico), Rome (Italy), and Bogotá.

For the past fourteen years, the Jean Monnet Chair has convened academics, researchers, and experts in International Law, International Relations, and Integration, to submit unpublished research, reflection, or review unpublished articles.

All participating entries go through arbitration by external peers, who assess the writing rigor, the object of the call, and publication standards requirements. On this occasion, we welcome contributions framed within topics relating to International Governance, Development Cooperation, and Common Democratic Values.

All writings selected by the evaluating peers will be published in the prestigious collection Ius Cogens: International Law and Integration, of the Externado de Colombia Jean Monnet Chair, and supported by the authors at the Chair’s XIV International Seminar.

This year, the University of Rome – La Sapienza (Italy), the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (Mexico) and the Jean Monnet Chair, join efforts to hold the international seminar, in which the unpublished articles contained in number 7 of the “Ius Cogens” collection, will be introduced in the three events – in Culiacán (Mexico), October 16, 2019; Bogotá (Colombia), October 30, 2019, and Rome (Italy), November 13, 2019.

All scholars wishing to participate must confirm their interest at email no later than March 4, 2019, together with two brief summaries, one on the topic to be addressed, and the other with an academic profile. The summaries may not exceed 250 and 100 words, respectively.

The writings must be submitted by May 4, 2019, and must adhere to the Call’s rules for publication. The calls will be subject to arbitration by blind external evaluation peers who will formalize the results on July 30, 2019. The latter is because an official launching of the seventh book of our collection “Ius Cogens: Law International and Integration” will be held at the installation of each seminar.

Academics having submitted their works by the due dates and selected by the blind academic peers may participate, as speakers, in the three editions of the seminar. It should be noted that the speakers will be responsible for their travel and related expenses.