Dancers selected to participate in the grand finale of the V Externadista Dance Festival

Among the Schools with the most participation were Social and Human Sciences and Tourism and Hotel Administration.

With the goal to reach the Externadista Dance Festival finals, close to 50 students and staff, passionate about this art, participated in the auditions held Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

The event, aiming to provide a space for culture to become a transversal center in the life of the Externadista community, featured participation by three judges, who rated the choreography, execution, space management, and originality in each category (Individual, Duo, and Group). The judges were:

· Mónica Cecilia Mercado: Choreographer, Director, and teacher of folk and popular dance.

· Jhon Jairo Rubiano: trainer and dance producer, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, and Latin rhythms.

· Luz Adriana Quintero: professional dancer, workshop teacher, choreographer, Director of dance with emphasis on Latin American and Colombian folklore dances.

Following is the list of participants competing for first place in the Grand Finale:

Individual category:

– María Izquierdo Cavelier – School of Finance, Government and International Relations

– Pedro Emilio Rodríguez Rodríguez – School of Law

– Valentina Sicacha Forero – Social Communication – Journalism

– Valeria Salgado Marín – Social and Human Sciences

– Laura Valentina Zapata Gasca – Social and Human Sciences

– Cristián Ludiver Melo Márquez – Social and Human Sciences

– Maura Alejandra Sierra Robles – School of Finance, Government and International Relations

Duo Category:

– Dayana María Suárez Cano – Social and Human Sciences and Elkin Alexis Forero Calambas – School of Law

– Gina Camila Beltrán Contreras – Administrative Staff and Fausto Nicolás Ruiz Parra – Social Communication – Journalism

– Laura Katalina Carvajal Pedraza – School of Law, and Pedro Emilio Rodríguez Rodríguez – School of Law

– Luisa María Murillo Loreo – Tourism and Hotel Administration, and Laura Isabel Yupanqui Cano – School of Law

Group Category:

· Caporales UEC

– Elkin Alexis Forero Calambas – School of Law

– Maira Natalia Mestizo Quilcue – Social and Human Sciences

– Rider Minotta Peña – Social and Human Sciences

– Hans Yuriel Cauchero Riecoche – Social and Human Sciences

– Priscila Constanza Vangrieken Epiayu – Social and Human Sciences

– Jefferson Alonso Chirimuscay Aranda – Cultural Heritage Studies – Archaeology

– Lisbeth Dayana Velasco Muelas – Social and Human Sciences

– Rosa Angélica Ramírez Rodríguez – School of Finance, Government and International Relations

– Vianny Valentina Sabino Robles – Social and Human Sciences

– Luis Ángel Gindrama Papelito – Social and Human Sciences

· Seven G

– Angie Natalia Díaz Rodríguez – Tourism and Hotel Administration

– Isabela Montoya Londoño – Tourism and Hotel Administration

– Valeria Medina Cardona – Tourism and Hotel Administration

– Lina Fernanda Rodríguez Álvarez – Social and Human Sciences

– Yeimy Gabriela Mora Piza – School of Management

– Francy Cruz Velásquez – School of Management

– María Camila Higuera Cruz – Social and Human Sciences