In 2018 the Externado will have its own “Mundialito”

In the tournament, each team, formed exclusively by Externadistas, will represent a country classified for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Within its purpose to support and promote activities geared towards the good use of leisure time, the University Well-Being Department will hold, in 2018, the sixth version of the “Mundialito” (Little World Cup).

The countries’ allocation to each team will be made according to the respective registration.

Those wishing to participate must take into account the following requirements:

  1. Complete registration at the following link
  2. Have paid in full the registration fee.
  3. Have a minimum of 15 players registered on the form.
  4. Each player must have a current student card.

If participating for the first time, the steps to register a team are:

  1. The delegate from each team must enter the link  and fill out the required information. There, the group’s representative duties will be outlined.
  2. Once the first step has been completed, the delegate will receive an email providing a username and password for accessing the virtual application, available at link
  3. Upon accessing the application site with the username and password, the leader may register the team. It is essential to have on hand, for each team member, their full first and last names, ID document number, phone, as well as email addresses.
  4. According to the registration schedule,  the group delegate must print the form and turn it in at the University Well-Being Department offices.