Connect with your body and mind

The University Well-Being invites the Externadista community to participate in the weekly Yoga and Body Movement and Mindfulness and Meditation Practice workshops with Professor Netta Silviaana Varga.

In these workshops, you can learn to reduce the feelings of stress, strengthen the relationship between mind and body, and manage negative thoughts and emotions, such as fear and anxiety.

In the Yoga workshop, you will connect the body, breathing, and mind. To achieve this, you will use physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, aiming to improve health, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and impact the nervous system.

In the Mindfulness workshop, you will find tools to increase well-being levels and reduce stress. Also, you will begin to recognize what is happening, actively accepting the flow of experience. You will learn to relate directly to what is happening in your life, here and now, at the present moment.

To check each week’s schedule and register, go to our social networks or click HERE