Externadista Champions

The Men's Beach Volleyball and Men's Basketball teams of our university were champions in the university tournaments of the Cerros group.

Last Monday, November 15, the men’s Beach Volleyball team, led by Professor Victor Hugo Franco, was champion in the university tournament, after winning against the team of the Universidad Agustiniana, we congratulate the students Julian Fernandez Molano of the Econometrics Specialization and Lazaro Julian Beltran of the Government and International Relations program.

Our men’s basketball team, led by the teacher Fabio Cortés Lopez, also became champion last Sunday, November 21, facing the team from the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. We congratulate the students from the Faculty of Economics: Manuel Sebastian Cardenas, Juan Pablo Avella and Samuel Alberto Diaz, from the Faculty of Law: Camilo Russo, Rafael Esteban Ramirez, Carlos Andres Cruz, Cristian Andres Caro, Jose Daniel Rodriguez and Jeremy William Rivas, from the Faculty of Social Communication – Journalism: Rafael Alfonso Amaya, Santiago Rojas, Rafael Alfonso Amaya and Santiago Rojas, from the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management: Nicolas Casallas, from the Faculty of Business Administration: Sebastian Vidales, from the Faculty of Finance Government and International Relations: Wayna Capac Muyui, and from the Social Work program Tomas Santiago Forero.

Likewise, we congratulate the selected men’s volleyball sub-champions, women’s volleyball third place, individual table tennis in first category, second place and second category, third place. We thank the other selected teams and students for their participation in all the competitions and we look forward to seeing them next semester.