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Literary vacations on WhatsApp

Thanks to the possibilities offered by social networks, boys and girls from the Egypt neighborhood had the chance to enjoy the ‘Bibliovacations’ program on WhatsApp.

Between June 30 and July 3, 2020, within the cycle “Playing with traditional fairy tales,” 39 children enjoyed four literary encounters. An opportunity to promote reading, writing, technology, and arts, organized by the Egypt District Library.

Theater sketches, creative writing, and commented reading were some of the activities carried out together with Elizabeth Pineda, the librarian, through calls on WhatsApp.

For example, for the reading of “The Town Musicians of Bremen,” a story by the Grimm brothers, the kids portrayed the characters in the story and presented a small theatrical scene. For “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, they made free-style drawings about the story. Charles Perrault’s “Puss in Boots” and Roald Dahl’s “Tales in Verse for Wicked Children” were also some of the works read during the cycle.

Before the meetings, the children participating received videos so they could become familiar with the stories. During the ‘Bibliovacations’ week, the kids discussed the adventures taking place in the stories, and, in a second interval at each meeting, they shared their artistic creations, thus enjoying a literary vacation that will always remain in their memory.