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Are you aware that the Library now has a wide range of digital services?

New media and formats, as well as increased production of knowledge, have made the library re-imagine and develop a more complete range of digital services and resources.

Currently, the library provides access to more than one hundred and ten digital resources in different areas of knowledge, organized by the most relevant and prestigious University publishers in the world. Included are collections of eBooks (over thirty-four thousand), journals, magazines, and case studies, among others, as well as bibliographic references management and tools for similarity analysis.

An outstanding feature of these resources is the ease for students and professors outside Bogotá, or who cannot come to the Library, to obtain high-quality information, as the resources are available online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, under the multi-user access model (several people may access the site, at the same time, without restriction, as many times as they wish).

Also, a training plan has been structured in the same way, helping users learn and integrate these tools in their academic processes, easy and accessible, using the WebEx platform for obtaining, remotely, individual or group training.

Additionally, a Digital Library has been created. It is a cross-cutting initiative to collect, organize, preserve, and visualize the scientific and cultural production, not part of the Publication Department work, but produced by different actors of the University community.

Aware that Externadistas’ utilization of each of these efforts powers their growth, we wish to reiterate the invitation to take advantage of the services, view them on a daily basis, confident of the benefits they will bring to our House of Studies’ academic work.