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Participate in the academic activities surrounding the Exvotos Exhibit

Several meetings are scheduled within the framework of this art exhibit which will be on display at the Externado Library until February 19, 2018. The academic program complementing the exhibit includes different lectures and discussion panels.

The next meeting, “Hidden women,” will be on November 21, 2017, at the Externado Library, Auditorium 2. The panel will address a series of instances questioning the historical exclusion and marginalization of women. Questions will be asked, such as: What is the role of art in the post-conflict, the non-recurrence of crimes against women, the overcoming of inequity? What are the tensions between the right to freedom of religion and the freedom to worship? All this, in reference to the censure experienced by Exvotos and its creator María Eugenia Trujillo.

The exhibition is the product of collective work by the Externado research group on Cultural Rights: Law, Art, and Culture; the Constitutional Law Department Implementation of the Peace Agreements Observatory; the Library; the Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration, and Museology Programs; the independent artist María Eugenia Trujillo, and the “Cleopatras” group, formed by women of the Egypt District area.

The art showcase contains aesthetic reflections on women’s rights, their exclusion and marginalization, and behaviors that facilitate or allow the violation of women’s rights, through various works and art by María Eugenia Trujillo and the Cleopatras group.  The event is led by Yolanda Sierra León, Externado Professor.

The academic programs, as well as the Exvotos exhibit, are free of charge.  The exhibit will be open to the general public until next year.