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New cycle of the Externado Poetry Club

The Externado Library and the Cultural Decanatura invite the student, teaching, and administrative community to register in the new Externadista Poetry Club cycle, beginning August 18, 2017.

Created as a writing workshop, this semester the Club will be guided by recognized poet Álvaro Miranda, who will seek to provide participants the theoretical, sensory tools, and essential practices for the art and craft of poetry writing. The topics to be addressed are as follows:

  • Murmur and word sounds of as a source of poetic language.
  • Poetry is not the everyday language. How to create poetic language in daily life?
  • Meter, rhyme, and free verse (going from a straitjacket to freedom of expression). The difference between poem and poetry.
  • A fortuitous encounter or an approximation to reverie.
  • Prepositions for discovering the strangeness.
  • Inner (Lyric) poetry and external poetry (Epic).
  • The poetics of the beautiful and the poetics of the ugly.
  • Reading of full texts during the length of the workshop.

Also, the Club will feature special guests from the International Literature Festival “Las líneas de su mano,” organized by the Gimnasio Moderno September 6-19, 2017, and the Bogotá University Poetry Conference during the week of September 22, 2017.

If interested, register HERE

Place: Room 1 – Library

Time: 12:00 m – 2:00 pm

Date: August 18 through October 6, 2017