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Strategy games take the Library

Have you heard of the strategy games Galactic Destiny, Junta, Hitler´s Reich, Arranged!, or Cataclysm? They are now available in the Library.

Since their appearance in the 1970s, role-playing games have immersed men and women in a fantasy world, interacting directly with sociology, political science, and communication skills, among other fields of study.

In the search for new ways for students to approach case analysis and application of knowledge, the School of Finance, Government and International Relations promotes other interpretative and narrative knowledge dynamics, such as strategy games.

Galactic Destiny, for example, is a science fiction game with some fantasy elements, where empires are built, with politics and warfare on a galactic scale. Players (up to six) represent political parties trying to gain as much power as possible in the galaxy. José Ramírez, Government professor, says “this teaching material works to understand the institutional designs of different States and how these designs affect how to govern.”

Another game is “Junta”- power, intrigue, money, and revolution in a “fictional” Banana Republic. Electoral methods, international relations, and diplomatic strategy apply in this game.

In Cataclysm, simulating World War II, each crisis is an unexpected opportunity. With a powerful strategic scope, Cataclysm requires players to lead Nations, not just armies or fleets. Diplomatic strategies are mapped, the economy is changed, and the necessary forces to deter or defeat enemies are created.

Strategy games are not easy to interpret. To tackle and generate good gameplay development all the knowledge acquired at the academia, beyond traditional analysis, must be applied. They are fun, innovative, and creative. We invite you, simply, to play.