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The Library’s Egipto Branch Completed its Workshops Cycle

These spaces, aimed at the neighbouring community, seek to strengthen teamwork, friendship, communication, positive conflict resolution and the management of emotions skills through arts, drawing, and recreational activities.

During this cycle, the ‘Art on the mountains: Women artists’ workshop delivered in the small town of Fatima, helped children learn to break gender stereo types through art. The activity allowed them to discover, strengthen and raise their awareness of the skills they possess at an artistic level.

Another objective was to contribute to the development of good practices and relationships with others. This was the purpose of the ‘Psychomotor games’ workshop, which was attended by 26 children (boys and girls) from the Buena Semilla Foundation.

Finally, all these activities and workshops managed to help the children learn and identify strategies for teamwork, conflict and resolution, and the benefits of emotion and expression management which both creativity and imagination offer at an artistic level.

“Universidad Externado de Colombia and the Library invite the neighbouring community to participate in these recreational and training spaces.”