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The Library presents its new exhibit “Colombia Constitutional Moments. First part. 19th century”

Coins, books and a memorable collection of research notes on the Constitution of 1886 comprise the sampling.

Under the curatorship of professor-researcher Pedro Pablo Vanegas, the Constitutional Law Department and the Library introduce the exhibit “Colombia Constitutional Moments. First part. 19th century,” held within the framework of the” XIX Constitutional Law Conference – Is the Constitutional State in jeopardy? ”

The display aims to remember and commemorate historical events that influenced the development of Colombian constitutionalism during the 19th century. To accomplish this purpose, it takes different excerpts from the book “Momentos Constitucionales de Colombia” (Colombia Constitutional Moments), written by the late Professor Carlos Restrepo Piedrahita, published in 1991. Additionally, it rescues valuable pieces giving an account of the Colombian legislative history and framework that gave birth to the Nation.

The exhibition will be open to the public at the Library’s CRP Constitutional Law area until November 2018.

While the exhibit is on display, the curator will offer guided tours to members of our community and those interested in the subject.