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A Library Invitation to Learn about Jurisprudential Information in the Darts-ip Digital Resource

Darts-ip is a resource that contains information, statistics, and global jurisprudence, specialized in Intellectual Property. It contains analyses that support activities related to processes and litigation in this area.

The platform comprises six different databases (trademarks, patents, domain names, industrial designs, copyrights, and unfair competition). Key documents are available (including decisions) of cases at the administrative and judicial levels, from more than 140 countries around the world.

Darts-ip provides a comprehensive solution for intellectual property cases from multiple law firms globally, as well as from property office processes and diverse companies responsible for legal issues of this type. This tool compiles digitalised lawsuits and court hearings. The breadth of information also varies from country to country.

Some of the novelties contained in the platform include, the Schemes section, conceptual maps, where precise information on a specific topic is condensed, as well as the Services module. This supports users in the search for specific information, in those cases where the query returns no results.

Upon doing a search, it is preferable to have minimal data, for example: tribunals, brand comparison or the nature of the particular case, so that the query retrieves valuable and accurate information. Likewise, the information is available in 12 languages as highlighted in the resource.

Using artificial intelligence, Darts-ip is a state-of-the-art database whose content is permanently renewed. It is a tool designed for students, teachers, and researchers of the Faculty of Law.

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