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An Invitation from the Library to Learn About Tirant Lo Blanch E-Books

Tirant Lo Blanch eBooks is a digital resource that provides access to legal journals, jurisprudence eBooks and documents from Spain, Portugal, and over 20 Latin American countries.

This digital platform is a leader in the academic field specialising in Legal Sciences and Law in Latin America. It is an eBooks tool with more than one thousand titles in its collection. Specialised journals such as the ‘Diario oficial’, (Government Gazette) and ‘Gaceta del Congreso’ (Congress Gazette), among others, can also be accessed.

In Tirant Lo Blanch eBooks the searches can be filtered by country, jurisprudence, legislation, doctrine, journals, and forms, among others. This enables specific searches. Upon retrieving the results, the user has the option of viewing a short summary of the jurisdiction type, procedural voices, resolutions, and other relevant elements that guide the consultation before downloading or reading the text in detail. Likewise, the platform filters the data according to scope, origin, instance, resolution, year, and rapporteur. It is an effective portal with multiple alternatives to find the required information.

Two of the new developments on the platform are the Schemes, conceptual maps section, where accurate information is condensed; and the Services module which supports users in the search for specific information in those cases where the search does not generate results.

Tirant LoBlanch eBooks is an inclusive platform. As for the linked articles, the documents can be read using text-to-speech, at different speeds.

Students, professors and researches in the Law Faculty are invited to explore the resource, which is an engine with wide coverage in doctrine and jurisprudence from different Latin American countries.

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