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An Invitation from the Library to learn about the Scopus Digital Resource

Scopus is a multidisciplinary resource that includes summaries, scientific literature and technical references and indexes. It is a versatile tool for impact analysis (citing, ranking, etc.).

It is the largest bibliographic database of citations and abstracts that have been peer reviewed. On the platform, authors and related information are identified. This includes, citations, published works and documents where the work of the author is referenced. Likewise, the user will be updated in research areas.

Besides bibliographic information, Scopus provides metric tools based on a recount of the citations that allows the measurement of the impact of the publications and the authors. The data is exported to bibliographic management engines such as EndNote, RefWorks or Mendeley.

The database has a simple and intuitive navigation tool, which can help the user decide where to publish an article. This is thanks to the evaluation that it conducts of the journals on a specific area. It is a digital resource that supports the academic activities of professors, students, and researchers of our alma mater.

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