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The Library Invites you to Get to Know the Elsevier Books Digital Tool

Elsevier is a collection of electronic books with high citation indicators. It comprises information across different areas including, Social Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences and Engineering.

The Elsevier E-Books digital resource contains more than 4,000 magazines and 30,000 electronic books. They are integrated for the consultation of the entire academic community of our alma mater.

Elsevier’s main tool, Journals & Books, allows the user to filter the consultation by theme and subcategory, as well as by the type of publication and type of access. This helps with more specialised searches.

To simplify the information retrieval process, the platform contains general descriptions of the e-Books. The articles consulted can be downloaded in PDF format. Likewise, each search links associated documents (if the user prefers it), which in some cases include complementary multimedia content.

Due to its multidisciplinary nature, Elsevier E-Books is recommended for all the faculties of Universidad Externado de Colombia. Research articles, encyclopaedias, book chapters, patent reports, preliminary notes, among other documents, can be easily accessed by students, professors, researchers, officials, and alumni.

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