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An Invitation from the Library to Discover the Derwent Innovation Index

Derwent is a database that has been indexing over 50 international patent authorities dating back to 1963.

It is the platform par excellence for accessing relevant and up-to-date information about the status of patents at global level. It is useful for confirming the legal status of any patent, monitoring developments or possible related violations, and verifying the developments of new inventions. Such procedures are essential for reviewing copyright contents and identifying the competitors of a product or idea.

Patents are technical documents. The Derwent Innovation Index offers information in language that is easier to interpret. Likewise, one of its great advantages is the possibility of first reviewing an abstract of the original as well as the profiles of the authors and reviewers that have cited the invention.

In the main menu, Derwent allows for the visualisation of the countries and regions across the globe, where the patent is registered and protected, with detailed data.

The Derwent Innovation Index is a platform for detailed searches, with global coverage, tracking the latest trends in the development of patents. It is a tool that brings researchers, teachers, and students closer to the universe of licensing opportunities.

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