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The Library bids farewell to 2018

2018 was marked by great encounters and developments in the Externadista library. Join us to remember some of the most relevant.

Special Projects – People & Stories – Literary gatherings at the Modelo prison in Bogotá (Law School Criminal Policy Research Center, School of Education, Museology area of the Cultural Heritage Faculty, the Communications Office, and the Library Culture and Communications Department). Also, the preservation of digital contents on conflict, post-conflict and peace, for the Nation’s legal library (Social and Human Sciences Faculty, FIGRI, Social Communication-Journalism, the Colombia National Library, and the Library Area of Digital Resources and Innovation) promoted art, innovation, and interdisciplinary dialogue at the University.

More than 90 cultural activities were carried out throughout the year. The Externadista cinema and poetry clubs cycles had a great response. Daydreaming and dialogue with our inner selves were expressed in the “Progoff Intensive Journal program.” Exhibits such as “Lux Non-Occidat,” “Oriéntate: los cerros son nuestro norte” or “Poesía: espejo del tiempo” were visited, massively, by the community. Chats with national and foreigners authors, such as Mexican narrator Brenda Lozano, created a wonderful space for dialogue on literature, which, in 2019, will be promoted even further.

As to resources and services, 2018 was a year in which great efforts were consolidated to improve remote care for recovery and use of information. In that sense, the increase of digital resources doubled; we went from 56 subscribed resources to 110, in all areas of knowledge, benefitting students, professors, and researchers. Also, book loans outside Bogotá were established, and the number of interlibrary loan agreements was expanded with the goal to strengthen our presence in the regions and thus contribute to graduate students’ learning and research processes.

Within the framework of the informational skills development program and the goal of providing educational alternatives for the construction of quality content, a new personalized training tool was added, targeted specifically to professor-directors and those developing thesis, to detect text similarities on the Internet, academic material, and published material, through the Text Recognition – DST URKUND resource.

Lastly, this year, the Library inaugurated the Children’s Library located in the Egypt District with the aim to generate opportunities for learning, empowerment, and well-being of the neighboring community. This site, as well as the Constitutional Studies one, promoted specialized services, comprising reading programs (“La hora del cuento,” “Talleres Fundalectura,” – in the Children’s Center – or the “Club de lectura: Constitucionalízate con la lectura,” at the Constitutional Studies Center) and the exhibits (“Museo del Ave Fénix” and “Momentos Constitucionales de Colombia. Primera parte. Siglo XIX” respectively).

We greatly appreciate the support and confidence in the work of the Library team. In 2019, we will return with new programs and services, striving to adapt to educational needs, with a high innovation and creativity component.

Remember that the Library will be closed from December 13, 2018, to January 7, 2019.

We wish you a happy and well-deserved vacation!