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Strategy games to support multidisciplinary learning in the Library

Have fun, innovate and awaken your creativity using strategy games that promote multidisciplinary learning from practice, generating the exchange of roles, decision making in particular situations and case analysis at different times.

The Library, in alliance with the School of Finance, Government and International Relations, invites the recognition and use of these didactic materials as part of the new additions to the Library’s collections.

The following are the titles of the games available in the Library:

1. Hitler’s Reich: www2 in Europe. Two hours – one or two players

2. Cataclysm: a second world war

3. Junta: the game of power, intrigue, money and revolution

4. Galactic destiny: Politics-Manipulation-War

5. Arranged: the arranged marriage board game

6. Cards against humanity: a party game for horrible people

7. Hail Hydra

8. Sekigahara: the unification of Japan

9. Pandemic legacy: season 1

To borrow any of these games, you can do it through the zero-contact loan service or secure loan in the room, remember that the loan period is 30 days.