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In the Library you can consult ‘El Diario Oficial’ since its first publication in 1864.

"The Official Gazette is the means by which the Colombian State publishes laws, decrees, resolutions and other norms of a general nature with the purpose of guaranteeing the constitutional principle of publicity and legal certainty" (Imprenta Nacional, 2021).

The Official Journal can be consulted by the Externadista community in physical and digital format.

The printed collection is made up of approximately 450 volumes that record 155 years of history of Colombian legislation, from the first publication on April 30, 1864, until the first semester of 2019, when it ceased to be printed.

The collection is bound in black leather with gilt lettering and may be consulted exclusively in the reading room.

The digital format is available and can be accessed through the resource V/Lex.

Remember that, when accessing the digital resources, you must log in with your e-mail account and password.