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Library Director Participated in the American Library Association (ALA) Conference and Exhibition

The Universidad Externado de Colombia Library was present at the biggest specialised conference of libraries in the hemisphere.

During the month of June, the Library of Congress (USA, Washington D.C) and members of ALA (American Library Association) convened to discuss the most outstanding topics regarding information and library services, in the Covid-19 post-pandemic context.

In academic forums, the attendants, including Pau Torres (Externado’s Library Director) addressed themes surrounding access to information, library sustainability, inter-library cooperation and state of the art information services, among others. This being a key scenario for strengthening and planning our Library services and resources, considering the needs of the ‘Externadista’ community.

Likewise, the annual exhibition of the library sector was held. It allowed for the most recent developments, digital resources, and standards, that will be incorporated into the Externado de Colombia University Library, to be seen.