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“Progoff Intensive Journal” – Dialogue through reverie

Each week, the Library invites to the program guided by Alejandro Angulo, Social and Human Sciences Faculty Professor.

A short time ago, the Externado University Library launched the “Progoff Intensive Journal” program which, without a doubt, has caught the attention of the academic community and the general public.

The “Progoff Intensive Journal” is considered an instrument for individuals to learn about themselves, develop their autonomy, freedom, and creativity.

This space seeks to stimulate dialogue with our inner world, allowing to carefully observe our emotions in the face of past and future life events.

Learning to look at our present selves, view life events as continuous processes, understanding life from birth to present day, and delve into our most important milestones, are some of the features that have been addressed Thursdays, from 7:00 am to 8:00 am.

At the seventh session, the central theme was “Dialogue with Persons,” using a reverie and imagination technique.  Professor Angulo invited attendees to shut out the outside world, ignore thoughts, concerns, and enter into a position close to a dream (a passive prayer) and think of a person with whom you would like to talk, to improve a relationship or close open chapters.

“According to the Progoff Journal, Dialogue with Persons is a projective action towards the future, to where we are going. It is an exercise in which our inner wisdom gives us answers,” he added.

Angulo guided participants to understand and describe their relationship with the person they wish to dialogue internally and, by comparison, understand the milestones in the life of each person frames their particular history.

The activity concluded with a written dialogue by each participant, created from the imagination, while in a daydreaming state.

The program will run through June 2018.