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Let’s take care of our environmental footprint and share as a family

The above was the motto of the Bibliovacations, the annual event with which the Egypt District Library concludes its activities and anticipates one of the most significant dates for the neighboring community: January 6, Three Kings Day (Epiphany).

Between December 1 and 4, 2020, the Bibliovacations issued a call to more than 120 residents, between 4 and 15 years old, of the Santa Fe and La Candelaria neighborhoods.

The different activities carried out revolved around caring for the environment, starting with raising awareness about the ecological footprint and the importance of pollinators to preserve orchards.

Through videos shared in WhatsApp groups, three special guests proposed theoretical approaches to the topics. They held workshops that participating children and adolescents could develop from their homes to appropriate learning.

During the closing day, participants pledged to take care of their ecological footprint and happily received the cockade accrediting them as environmental guardians, a snack, and a didactic gift to enjoy as a family at year-end. Of course, all this, held in brief outdoor encounters with less than 10 children, was organized with the Buena Semilla Foundation’s support and respecting biosecurity protocols.

The Egypt District site will be back soon to spread the love for books, strive for children’s empowerment, and support formal and informal educational processes in the community.