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Learn about the Wiley eBooks and Wiley Journals Digital Resources

Wiley eBooks and Wiley Journals are two multidisciplinary digital platforms offering access to electronic books and academic journals, respectively, with a wide coverage on themes relating to Human and Social Sciences.

Wiley is a renowned global database with unique contents. With over 1,600 journals covering Social Sciences and Behaviour, Law, Media Studies, as well as Geography, Economics and Anthropology. Wiley encompasses diverse interdisciplinary themes. Additionally, it counts with 200 references works and multiple digital books. Through this digital resource, it is possible to download published articles, from 1997 onward, in HTML and PDF formats.

In the digital platform, the documents’ metadata is very thorough, either in the case of the books or their chapters. In relation to the editorial articles, as it refers to highly exclusive and high-quality journals, there is full access to the information. For a more successful consultation, it is best if the searches are made in English.

Digital resources have spread, not only quantitatively but also in quality (par excellence). Supplying materials in disciplines and research fields is the permanent objective of the Library, which is innovating, transforming, and adapting to the new models of the digital system such as it happens with Wiley eBooks and Wiley Journals, two platforms that support the academic development of our Casa de Estudios.

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