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Libraries: Post- Pandemic Challenges

Our alma mater’s Library Director, Pau Torres, was invited to participate in a dialogue about the challenges of libraries in the post-pandemic world. The event was also attended by other key Library players.

The event was held in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ), and was attended by Andrés Felipe Echavarría, PUJ Library Director; Jeimy Hernández, Reading, Writing and Libraries Manager, Cerlac-Unesco; and Diana Patricia Restrepo Torres, Director, Nacional de Colombia Library.

Some of the characteristics of the post-pandemic challenges emphasised by Ms. Torres include, a psychosocial focus, self-care values, daily interactions, and adaptation. These allow the development of large work teams and human touch.

Pau Torres highlighted that during the pandemic and the post-pandemic periods, ‘our Library’s team of professionals had to develop social skills to identify the needs of the users, which gave way to the provision of personalised services.’

Universidad Externado de Colombia has become a large opening gate for all the users of the different services and resources in the development of post-pandemic academic processes. Likewise, the Externado was the first university to return to face-to-face classes.