Registrations are now open for the Department of Telecommunications Law Postgraduate Programs.

The Department of Telecommunications Law presents its postgraduate academic offerings for the first semester of 2022.

During this year and a half of pandemic, the transcendental role of Telecommunications and ICTs for the development of activities in this new environment became evident. Hence, there are academic programs whose objective is to train professionals with a vision of the country, capable of generating public and regulatory policies, based on the changes driven by the measures adopted within the framework of the health emergency and the transformations that are taking place in all sectors, in the face of the fourth industrial revolution.

Participants who start the programs run by the Department of Telecommunications Law, which has more than 25 years of experience in continuing education programs, will receive the indispensable knowledge to serve in the sector’s authorities.

  • Public and private companies.
  • Operators and providers of telecommunications networks and services.
  • Companies in the information and communications technology sector.

Our graduates will be able to contribute to the strengthening and growth of the entities where they work, meeting the growing needs and requirements of the country in this area in a specialized manner.

Specialization in Regulation and Management in ICT, Telecommunications and the Digital Ecosystem. Learn more about

Master’s Degree in State Law with emphasis on Telecommunications and ICT Regulation and Management. Learn more about

If you are interested in further information about the programs, objectives, curriculum, duration, enrollment process, requirements, among others, please write to