“We want to shape free citizens”: Juan Carlos Henao

Over 1900 students from different high schools in the country participated in the two sessions of the Externado University Day, organized by the Admissions and University Promotion Office.

During their visit, students had the opportunity to experience a firsthand glimpse of university life and learn about the ideological profile and the undergraduate programs offered by our House of Studies.

In welcoming the visiting students, Rector Juan Carlos Henao stressed the Externado is a free-thinking University and said: “those wanting a dogmatic University, do not come here; those wanting an inflexible University, do not come here; those wanting a university imparting a specific vision of life, don’t come here. Who should come? People believing in pluralism, people believing in tolerance, people who believe in integrity.”

In his speech, the Rector also stressed: “We deeply respect the cult of individual freedom, (…), not in vain, our motto is “Education for freedom.” We want to train free citizens, with the ability to coexist without dogmatism, without ties, without unilateral visions of others.”

On the other hand, during their visit to our House of Studies, students participated in activities designed to help in the selection of their professional vocation and prepare for the admissions process. Offered were talks about their life projects, conferences on the 17 undergraduate programs offered, workshops, and simulated interviews, among others.

Also, the Internationalization Office offered a chat on the Externado student exchange programs and the great opportunities available for pursuing studies abroad.

For the Externado, it is a great pleasure to host, every semester, students interested in learning about our campus, our philosophy, and our educational quality.