Chat – Workshop: Training our children to play assertively in the game of life

The talk is directed to parents, students, and counselors in Bogotá schools.

The activity seeks to address a set of tools for decision making in the life project of each future high-school graduate, especially issues relating to the selection of the professional field of study, the University attended, and the challenges posed by Bogotá as the academic destination.

The event aims to contribute with information and guidance from a team of experienced professionals, aware of parents and students’ apprehensions, who will chat with attendees and resolve any concerns.

Following the chat, at the Externadista Information and Solutions Centre (CISE), attendees may obtain information on the academic programs offered, scholarships and financing alternatives, student exchange programs, international agreements, the University Well-Being activities, and other guidance services, of fundamental interest to attendees.

We invite you to register here now so we may plan room capacity.