Chat for parents in Bogotá: How to guide your children in their professional selection process

During the event, the University will offer information on all the academic programs offered.

On October 6, 2018, the Externado will offer the talk “Guiding our children: “Key reflections to offer support in their professional selection process,” directed to parents, students, and counselors.

This meeting seeks to establish collaborative work among counselors, parents, and children to support a professional career choice and a University. Also, the meeting will address the challenges of selecting Bogotá as the academic destination. Therefore, a team of professionals from our House of Studies, aware of young people and their families’ concerns about the transition from school to University, will share some helpful tips.

Also, during the event, the University will offer information on the academic programs offered, financing alternatives, student exchanges, international agreements, and the recreational-sporting activities organized by the University Well-Being.