New Master’s Program in Advanced Management and Hotel Development

In July 2018, the Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Faculty will introduce the Advanced Management and Hotel Development Master’s Program, unique in the country, and one of the few in the world offering a curriculum with a Hotel development component.

The program comes at a very important moment for Colombia, as the post-conflict scenario has generated great expectations and opportunities for opening new lodging units in remote areas of the country. At this juncture, hotel operations demand professionals better prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities in the sector and, thus, go from just “doing” to becoming high-level hotel management and development professionals.

Although the new program is a deepening one, it does not overlook applied research as a strategic mechanism for the expansion of knowledge in the areas of management and hotel development through academic and scientific production from multiple perspectives. Nonetheless, the program is intended and developed with the goal for graduates to become experts in the field of hotel management and development, with national, regional, and international projection. Hence, in addition to strengthening research, the Program’s objectives, are:

  • Train experts with long-term strategic vision who, based on the management of an organization’s resources, can make effective decisions on strategic business units and hotel operations.
  • Provide strategic, technical, and methodological fundamentals for generating innovative, sustainable, and quality hotel management proposals for small, medium, and large enterprises, located in urban and rural sectors.
  • Promote education of integral professionals, leaders in the design, evaluation, and development of hotel investment projects, taking into account the regional characteristics and the communities inhabiting them.
  • Strengthen the development of management skills with a business prospective, through technological tools allowing to identify and propose improvements to the operation and planning of hotel establishments.

Based on the above, graduates of the Master’s program will be able to create, visualize, and efficiently utilize hotel resources, through good management practices, using marketing and customer knowledge tools responding to their needs, tastes, desires, and expectations. Additionally, graduates will be able to understand, identify, and make effective and responsible decisions on long-term hotel development and investment projects.

Participants will be capable to comprehensively, efficiently, and effectively, develop, direct, and manage the hotel establishment to satisfy stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development.

The Advanced Management and Hotel Development Master’s Program has a duration of four semesters and awards 58 credits.