Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Faculty introduces its new Masters in Senior Management and Hotel Development Program at the Anato Tourism Showcase

After several years of work, Faculty Dean, Edna Rozo, together with professor-researcher María Luisa Galán, and Gustavo Adolfo Yepes, President of COTELCTO, introduced the program. Also, the book “Métodos y técnicas de la medición en Turismo” (Methods and techniques for measuring tourism) was launched.

At the Anato Tourism Showcase held at Corferias, Edna Rozo, Dean of the Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Faculty, presented, with pride and emotion, the second version of the Master’s program offered by the Externado Faculty.

The Masters in Senior Management and Hotel Development Program aims to develop competencies allowing to view the hotel phenomenon from multiple perspectives and disciplines. As it is a deepening program, research is not overlooked; on the contrary, it is considered a pillar in the search for generation and dissemination of specific knowledge in the field of study.

“The Masters is the result of work performed by a team wishing to fulfill the vision of our lifelong Dean, Luis Carlos Cruz Cortés. The project began in 2014 and 2015, through discussions with six committees, and was consolidated between 2015 and March 2016,” stated María Luisa Galán, Faculty professor and responsible for writing the Masters’ document submitted to the Ministry of Education.

The Faculty Dean and the President of COTELCO highlighted the importance of this program for Colombia, taking into account the post-conflict stage we are experiencing following the signing of the peace agreement between the national Government and the FARC. The speakers pointed out there are great expectations and opportunities for opening new tourism units in remote areas of the country, requiring more specialized and investigative training.

“It is important for the hospitality industry and, in particular, the National Government, to become aware of the great significance the Academia has on the sector, and the importance of proper training to face what comes,” said Gustavo Adolfo Yepes, President of COTELCO.

Program graduates will be able to create, view, and run hotel organization resources efficiently, through good management practices, using marketing tools and customer knowledge to respond to their needs, tastes, desires, and expectations. Additionally, graduates will be prepared to understand, identify, and make accurate and responsible decisions for long-term hotel development and investment projects.

Classes begin July 24, 2018, ending Saturday, May 15, 2020. The Program encompasses four semesters, face-to-face classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Methods and techniques for measuring tourism

At the Anato Showcase, an important event for the hospitality and tourism industry, the Externado also introduced the book “Métodos y técnicas de la medición en Turismo,” by Professor Manuel Leguizamón, statistician, M.Sc. Systems Engineering, with a Specialization in Information Systems and e-Commerce. The Professor will represent Colombia at the International Conference on Travel and Tourism, in Ottawa, Canada.

The text seeks to introduce tourism as a theory under construction requiring its particular measuring methods and techniques with which it can progressively sustain its contribution and its social, cultural, economic, and environmental impact, mainly in the receiving territories and communities. No less important is the assessment of its relationship with other trip activities.

Leguizamón noted this text shows how tourism evolves from the philosophy of travel demand and supply of goods and services and is adapted to meet demands by preparing more competitive destinations. Thus, the tourist “fact” is in an economic developer, a generator of social benefits, and a promoter of sustainable development.

Participating in the book launching were experts Oswaldo Acevedo, President of Yanhaas Advanced Market Research, and Andrés Camacho Murillo, Professor-Researcher at the Externado de Colombia University, in a panel moderated by María Luisa Galán, Research Coordinator.