Creating excellence in world tourist destinations

The Tourism and Hotel Administration Faculty invited Alain Sévigny, an expert in tourism marketing, to talk about the advances and challenges of tourism in the world and Colombia.

Alain Sévigny, offered the talk via Skype, to various levels of undergraduate Hospitality students. Alain, with over 20 years of experience as an Executive and consultant in North America and Latin America, is an expert in business strategies, marketing, management, project development, tourism marketing, tourism, organization strategies, Destination Marketing, Sustainable Tourism, and training.

Sevigny spoke about the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations which guides destinations towards excellence and supports their efforts to promote sustainable development and increase their abilities to generate economic, social, and cultural benefits.

The CED is an affiliated member of the UNWTO; its methodology is recognized at the international level as it has allowed hundreds of destinations in regions of Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa improve and develop.

The guest lecturer also spoke about SMED, the method used to measure tourism economic, environmental, and social dimensions, allowing the country to be more competitive. “With the implementation of this method, many regions have been able to accelerate their tourism development and thus, obtain funding from other international funds (IDB, World Bank),” said Sevigny.

Another topic addressed at the meeting was the challenges facing the world and Colombian tourism regarding destinations sustainability, new tourism governance, positioning, innovation and collaborative support.

The tourism marketing expert also gave several pointers on the new age Colombia is experiencing, relating to the post-conflict and the opportunity to continue growing in the tourism field.