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Homage to Rector Fernando Hinestrosa

The seven judges of the Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice carried out a simple but solemn act of homage to the life and work of the Rector of the University Fernando Hinestrosa. The Judge, William Namen Vargas, President of the Civil Chamber, led the spokesman for his colleagues: César Julio Valencia Copete, Jaime Arrubla Paucar, Edgardo Villamil Portilla, Pedro Octavio Munar Cadena, Ruth Marina Díaz Rueda y Arturo Solarte Rodríguez. Rector Hinestrosa received from the members of that chamber a parchment, which highlights the public and academic merits of who has trained many generations of lawyers in its 45 years as Rector of the University.

Judge William Namen Vargas, who is an alumnus of the Externado, remembered the contributions to Legal Science by Mr. Hinestrosa, not only as author of important treaties in law but also as a professor at different universities in the world and also as member of exclusive international societies of Lawyers. The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court extolled, in addition, the progressive initiatives that he promoted in the ministries of Justice and Education when he was in front of these offices and his management in the Colombian Embassy in front of the Holy See.

Finally, Judge Namen Vargas mentioned the civic qualities mentioned in defense of freedom, independence, honesty and transparency in public and private life that have characterized Mr. Fernando Hinestrosa throughout his career, and that have earned him the best award: the respect of Colombia.

"I wish being that one you praised" said Mr. Hinestrosa to acknowledge the tribute and expressed the emotion that caused him to receive this recognition, exactly in the room that belonged to his father, Ricardo Daza Hinestrosa and himself. The Rector of the Externado University reaffirmed his decision to pursue an education based on the philosophy of democracy and freedom, values which has been the principal legacy of the students of the Externado of all ages.

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