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Externado University

The Externado University of Colombia is located in the eastern limit of the district of the Calendaria of Bogota, an historical, political and cultural center of Colombia, on the foot of the hill of Guadalupe.

The campus has an area of 65 thousand square meters

In this area, you can see eleven buildings with a modern infrastructure for the academic life, around the university you can see gardens and forests to the people enjoy

In this area, they were constructed eleven buildings, equipped with modern infrastructure for the academic life, surrounded by gardens and forests for benefit of the university community. In addition, several old houses of the Candelaria and the Egypt district are part of the physical plant of the University.

In the North of Bogota is located the recreational seat El Alcazar, with an extension of 14 hectares that lodge manifold sport facilities and halls for academic and cultural activities.

Vías de acceso al campus de la
Universidad Externado de Colombia.

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Externado de Colombia University
Calle 12 No. 1-17 Este. Phone: 3420288 y 3419900. Bogotá, Colombia.


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